What to expect


The initial consultation: $160

When you book in, you will be sent a form to provide some details before your visit. Please email this back to me according to instructions.

The first visit takes about an hour, and involves a thorough case-history taking which includes questions about any existing health issues,medical background,family history,diet,current medications and the impact of stress from job/relationships/lifestyle.  I use iridology as an adjunctive diagnostic tool.  Where necessary, I may wish to refer you to your GP to follow up on particular health issues; it is a good idea to bring along any recent blood test results you may have.

During this consultation, dietary recommendations will be made, a herbal medicine is often prescribed, and any nutritional deficiency is identified and addressed either by supplementation, dietary recommendations, or both.

The follow-up review(s): $100

This may be scheduled at the first consultation, and is important to assess response to the prescription and gain feedback.  At this time, the herbal medication may be adjusted in response to any changes, and further dietary discussion may take place.

From experience, I have found that it is at this time that significant change is starting to take place and we can feel confident that there is a shift in the process towards good health. Of course this varies from person to person and for some people it is a faster process, for some slower.  As a general rule, the longer a problem has been there, the longer it will take to shift.  But even if it takes months, you should expect to see progress along the way.  Sometimes it is a case of “two steps forward and one step backwards”, especially when addressing a chronic condition that has been there for many years.  It is important that I am made aware of changes that may necessitate a change to prescription. In some cases this may only be properly managed in the context of a consultation, so that you are receiving the best possible treatment that I can give to you and so that we can work together for the best results.

Email between-review questions:  $50

Each time I am asked a question I do need to consult the notes and give a considered answer. Having an email access when these questions come up can be useful and helps to keep things on track where a full review is not required at that point.  If however it is time for a review of herbal medicine then it is better to have a follow-up consultation.

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